Monday, March 20, 2017

Red Team Testing, Training & Quality Assurance - LaSorsa & Associates - Executive Protection - Training - Consulting - Investigations

Interesting course, and could prove very valuable to have in your tool box. CTI was hired to conduct red teaming audits of all three NY and NJ airports for over a year, NYNJ Port authority wanted to get a step ahead of the rest of the airport community. We used former Police Detectives as the on the ground teams, doing 24 hour operations. We still do them for mainly Government agencies to test their security programs to include Executive Protection programs. A number of Fortune 500 firms have requested them, but most have been short lived, it really does find the weaknesses in security programs rather quickly. In the Cyber arena Red Teaming has become a real growth segment of the Cyber security tool box. CTI trained our staff and we tended to use people that have already had experience in covert operations. NY Detectives association was our main recruiting ground. I think it is a valuable course, and look forward to learning more about it. Best of luck LaSorsa & Associates
from CTI Consulting

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