Thursday, March 9, 2017

T-Mobile's 'LTE-U' program will use unlicensed spectrum for more LTE bandwidth

Is this the new future of wireless, let us hope not, now it is used by only a few, with phones set up to use it, as more come on board, this 20 meg band will fill up and be come more and more troublesome. But their are other items for free or low cost WIFI like CBRS has been around for a little while, and it is believed that Airports, Factories even Government agencies with be using if soon. Some of these new possible internet connected plans, came out of an attempt to provide first responders with a way to communicate with out having to rely on cell bandwidth, which gets eaten up when an event like a plane crash or terrorist event happens. Every one jumps on their cell phones to tell others what is happening, and soon the cell bandwidth for the area is jammed. But if the trend continues perhaps more cell bandwidth will reappear.
from CTI Consulting

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