Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Teller Trouble

Insider threat are everywhere even at the banks, and the great buy up of smaller banks by bigger and bigger ones, is showing a threat vulnerability, or opportunity that was seen before but not at these levels. Part of the problem with all the buyouts and consolidation of services, is that staff see people loosing jobs all the time, even though they are doing a good job. So the whole process people are taught through their lives that hard work will keep you employed, just is not working in this age of by outs and mergers. You can be the better worker, but if you are with the smaller firm, you can still lose your job. This lends it to a model of everyone is out for themselves, forget loyalty to the firm. Now they see the grey or even illegal actions of people like opening accounts for people with out their knowledge both benefits them personally monetarily and in promotions. With the almost constant turn over in almost every field now days, loyalty is the biggest loser. Banks are just one of the casualties facing huge insider threat problems now days.
from CTI Consulting

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