Tuesday, March 21, 2017

TN Amber Alert: Photos of Kidnapped Student & Ex-Teacher (Video) - American Security Today

Here is a great way to show the power of social media, lets find this guy, and the girl. Report anything suspect to authorities, in this case you need to bend your mind a bit. Things like facial hair can throw off ID's, he can quickly shave off the facial hair, and look quite different. The glasses on both of them also causes ID Problems, just changing types of glasses can throw off ID, but also doing away with them can throw off ID's. Next is hair color, a quick change can be a real problem, as well as just cutting it. The teacher has an unkempt look, but one trim can change him quite a lot. Look at them both sort of like a computer ID would. She looks like one of the Identikit base figures everything comes into the V, he on the other had has a much more recognizable facial line from ear's to eye's and mouth and nose. If you keep this picture of them on your phone to look at every once and a while, it will keep them forefront in your mind and let your subconscious be constantly looking for them
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/2mM0lpp

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