Thursday, March 30, 2017

TSA screener fired after woman gets loaded gun through security | WSB-TV

This egregious mistake is made a lot more than TSA is telling you, if you have your ear to the ground you will hear people telling of weapons both guns and knives that make it through all the time, most just shove it further down in the their bag and carry on. Now these are just for the most part honest mistakes. If a Terrorist plan was to count on a screener missing a weapon, they would be in big trouble, and would not be a plan that would be approved, counting on a screener missing a weapon is a very bad bet for a terrorist. But now think about it you are in a long line and the screener is looking at many bags an hour. Now as the bag with the gun or other weapon goes through, another screener call over to ask a question, now the bag belt should stop and the screener should answer the question and off we go, but as he or she starts to stop the belt, and looks up at the speaker, one bag slips through. Or a good looking person comes through the screening line and the operator looks up for a second, another bag slips through. Now as the folks are saying, how could you miss a hand gun, actually if on its side, it can be pretty hard to miss, but if on any of its ends it can be a lot harder to see in a bag, with your lipstick, ear buds for your stereo or phone, pens and pencils, wire bound note books, and a sundry of other items. Can the screener see through all this, yes, and with the different colors the xray designates items. like blue for metal, or some other color it should jump out at them. There are even x-rays that will alarm when the shape of a weapon comes up, but with out giving away secrets all these are fine, but still things are missed. There is a reason when the TSA Red Teams test the screeners, they fairly consistently get 85% of the weapons through. Now the Red Team members know the latest training the screeners get, they know the latest software and hardware changes to the screening machines and develop a way to work around them. The Red Team Members also do not have to worry about getting caught, which adds to the stress level of the bad guys including terrorists when they go though screening, like going to jail for the rest of their lives. Screeners found roughly half the weapons carried by the 911 terrorists, but they where all legal at the time, I always carried a knife though screening back then, it was called a co-pilot by spyderco, used a lot still by law enforcement, this was just little enough to be legal to carry on planes at the time. If you watch the screening video, you can see the screeners open up box cutters being carried by the terrorists, looking at them and then returning them to the bags, they were legal at the time. This is all to say that if Terrorists think they have even a 50 50 chance of being caught they will move to another method of attack. Now they do test the systems all the time, and sometimes find weaknesses to exploit, but so far the Law Enforcement has fixed the weakness in some way to stop the bad guys, liquid explosives for one, explosives in shoes for another. Still if a rock star is going though screening I would bet a few bags are not looked at as fully as normal as the screener quite normally looks up for a second. Mistakes will happen, but this is not the type of mistake a terrorist can count on when going through screening. It is like the people that went though a walk though metal detector a few weeks ago, with out being manned by TSA, mistake yes, but could a terrorist exploit it no. Can you imagine waiting outside a screening check point for weeks even days even hours looking to exploit a mistake like that, which may never happen again. No, Terrorism is a business, and waiting for mistake like that is not good business, not to mention if you spend 15 min, at a check point just looking, law enforcement and the TSA will be all over you.
from CTI Consulting

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