Wednesday, March 22, 2017

U.S. Raid in Yemen Led to Laptop Ban on Flights, Officials Say - The Daily Beast

As we get more information on the travel ban you can see why they are being so cautious about the threat. Bombs inside batteries have been around for a while, but if this is a specific threat, than the ban actually makes a lot of sense. Batteries for small computer laptops can weigh almost a pound, consider the bomb that took down Pan Am 103 was 11 ounces, you can see that the threat is real. I would doubt that a tablets battery would be that heavy, but I did not do the assessment. I do diverge from this report on the issue of it has to be manually set off, almost all lap tops have clock systems in them, and can be made to set off the bomb, not to mention the 555 or 556 computer chip timers made famous by the Weather Undrerground and have been found all over the world. Each computer device usually has at least two batteries, one to operate the device, large enough to possibly hide a battery big enough to take down a plane, (but probably not) , but there is usually another smaller battery that keeps all the memory and clocks inside the computer or tablet running, and could set off a electronic detonator.
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