Thursday, March 30, 2017

Using Better Light for Better Healthcare | Building Design + Construction

All the pluses listed here for LED lighting are valid, let me add it is a great value to and for security. In doing expert witness work lighting is almost always one the negligent security issues listed, most of the time the problem is lights that have burned out for some reason. Maintenance will get to it at some point, but if the bad thing happens when the lights are out, now you have negligence. The premise is that you (the facility) obviously thought you needed that much light or you would not have paid for the lights, hard to argue, right? So LED lights have such a long life span it limits the the times that it will burn out, like 15 to 25 years at times. This is a big security plus, the lights are also almost constant in their illumination levels for the whole life span, some lights are not and once again, if I or someone like me is brought in to test light levels, it really is a problem if you have a security survey that says x foot candles is needed, or the opposing expert pulls up a standard of some type the recommends for good security the foot candles for a space like the one being analysed should be. Both of these can be issues that will not sink you in a legal case, but are not things you want to fight. Lighting is like Security Guard training, you may not think it is a real security issue, until something happens, and the experts start looking around. Think about all the over savings LED lights bring you, and then add to that maintenance of an LED light is way over 1/10th of standard lighting.
from CTI Consulting

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