Thursday, March 23, 2017

Vehicles Becoming Favored Terrorist Attack Weapon - WSJ

It is a devastating weapon, CTI was brought in to work with a structural engineering firm for a client, on just what damage a vehicle can do to a building or the supporting roadway. This was a little new to us, normally we get called into review damage caused by vehicle bombs. This was just the vehicle itself, which required us to look at what the kinetic energy of different vehicles can develop at speed and the size of the vehicle. The study taught us a lot, and made me much more aware of the potential damage a vehicle hitting a building not to mention people can do. Basically a speeding truck hitting certain parts of a building can cause enough damage to bring portions of the building down. Even more than a small bomb in some cases. What they can do to people is scary, moving at high speeds, say over 40 miles per hour, a vehicle can make it though a very large group of people. It is a threat we need to spend more time addressing.
from CTI Consulting

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