Monday, April 3, 2017

At one point, I had made so many training devices, mainly for K-9's in the US Secret Service,our K-9"s would sit at the site of these briefcases, which was a problem since this was the briefcase the GSA had negotiated to buy for their stores, I think they costed out at 12 dollars back then. I switched to a black plastic one that was sold at office supply stores after that, I still have one that is rigged with over 10 types of sensors to set off the buzzer and flash bulb. It was first used as a training aid for the K-9's to try and make them stop pawing and knocking over the possible bombs. Then as a training aid once out of the USSS for classes on bombs taught for ATAP, that US Aid program, and the National Sheriffs Assoc, for high risk trials. The bomb holding device of late has been backpacks, but perhaps the Russian bomb today will bring the brief case back.

via CTI Consulting

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