Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bill Gates: Terrorists could wipe out 30 million people by weaponising a disease like smallpox

Years ago I was on a panel with experts from the bio-terrorist arena. The conclusion of the panel, which included Russians, Israel, London, among others, was as Mr. Bill Gates states here is small pox. 30 million people may be a very low number, the panel was also clear that no major or even low level Government or Terrorist group would unleash such an attack, since it was so uncontrollable, and could hit home, the terrorists home as easy as the people it was directed at. A Russian at the convention made the comment that they had tested units that could blend in like a simple plugin air freshener. The problem we have now is that ISIS or AQ is facing possible huge losses, and may not find the uncontrollable part of the problem a negative. In other words they may actually mount such an attack.
from CTI Consulting

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