Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dulles CBP Finds Heroin Concealed Inside Lollipops (Learn More, Video) - American Security Today

Good find by CBP, this was a pretty good concealment technique. I wonder what in the x-ray set them off, or was it just one of the great CBP intuition deals. In the end after playing with the Israel method of Behavior analysis as well as the US Secret Service and a bunch of great outside input, CBP's methods have proved to be some of the best. They could not always explain how they did it, but they have been doing it for years. They profile , oops bad word, people coming into the USA millions of times a day, they have found everything from Rabbi's carrying narcotics to the businessman who brought in Cuban cigars, most of the time by just observing them walk in and deal with the process of coming in,
from CTI Consulting

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