Friday, April 28, 2017

Healthcare records for sale on Dark Web | CSO Online

Your Healthcare records maybe worth a lot to you, or at least your privacy, but to Hackers selling records on the Dark Web their worth is less than 1 cent per record. As in anything it is a matter of supply and demand, At this time the supply is so great, that hackers are bidding against each other to sell the data the cheapest. Now let say you my little Russian friend, but all the records, by the way this just means he has access to them, but they are still for sale to anyone else that wants them. But now you have the list with the Names of patients the type of narcotic they are trying to quit taking, the amount of Methadone they are using to try and quit. Now run those names against lists of Government workers, or even Private Industry workers to see if you can get a match. Now you can be a blackmailer to the people on the list. Now perhaps your boss knows what you have in your background, but do all your fellow workers know, how about clients you deal with. And you do not need a lot, perhaps a door left open, or a password to the network supplied. Anything to get you involved in some criminal act. Now you use that to ask for some really big stuff, or we will tell that you gave us private info. Health records are becoming more and more available, and since they are the keepers of them are getting more and more lax in protecting them. That little clinic in Baltimore has people entering data in to password protected data bases all day, and he or she is tired and needs a break, so they take a day off, and hire a temp to enter the records with a password. Now the temp goes to a bar that night and is asked what the password is, seeing no harm it is given. So all that data is now available to the bad guys. The real bad news is these innocent infractions are happening everyday, and the bad guys know which type of people to approach, and get that first password, or leave that door open. I am not sure how we stop it.
from CTI Consulting

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