Friday, April 7, 2017

Hijacked truck crashes into Stockholm store in terror attack | US News |

This type of attack is gaining in popularity mainly for the simple reason it is easy to do, and will work everywhere. Including small towns all over the world. More and more the use of bollards are being deployed to both stop vehicle assaults and in many cases to give people ways to get out of the way of vehicle assaults. The deployment for both can be pretty much the same, but if just getting people a way to get away from the vehicle then it requires a lot less bollards. If walking try and always keep an eye on what is coming up from behind, and look for anything that can possible deflect a vehicle and walk near it, so you can get out of the way quickly. There are not enough police in the world to cover all soft targets, it is going to take each of us looking out all of us to stop the terrorists
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