Monday, April 17, 2017

Homeland Security issues terror warning for NJ malls and shopping centers

More and more of these threats are being upgraded in the past few months, and many resorts and malls are taking these threats more seriously as well. Of the 8000 named in the last set of threats, for some reason these threats are making the Federals worried. CTI has conducted risk assessments as well as blast assessments for a number of the facilities threatened. These are costly and if all the recommended options are followed, could be extremely costly. On one of the assessments it was obvious the threat addressed was not the most likely target to be attacked. It would appear that false flag information is also being provided, or their target assessment teams are moving to a different set of priorities. Everyone in both Corporate and Executive Protection need to up their game a bit to meet these rising threats. Those of you that have been to ESI schools that had bomb threat classes really need to hone your AT Blast assessment tool skills as well as your risk assessment skills. I am not sure the need has ever been greater. Our Law Enforcement and Intel agencies are doing a great job, but they are going to need a lot of support from the private sector, there are just to many targets at this time.
from CTI Consulting

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