Sunday, April 9, 2017

ISIS Claims 2 Deadly Explosions at Egyptian Coptic Churches on Palm Sunday -

There is a lot to learn from this, probably the biggest is multiple layers of security. EP teams need to gather all the help they can get like Hotel or event security, check their training of course but in any case they can be used. I have paid money to hire security guards to be a first line of security, and to hold posts in hallways and even in event rooms, or the protectee's hotel room, or office. In the case of the first bombing they did have security, still the bomber rushed past them and into the church. If you had a protectee in the church, it would have perhaps given you the time needed to get some protection for you client. Getting them away, with pews between you and any bomb or bomber is your best bet. You can see in the picture that the bomb moved some pew's, but for the most part they stayed intact. In your case if you could have gotten your client a pew or two away, plus the distance could well have save your client, and by the way yourself. As we go over what a bomb can and can not do in next weeks ESI bomb class, you will learn ways we can survive these types of attacks.
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