Sunday, April 2, 2017

Police arrests are plummeting across California, fueling alarm and questions - LA Times

This is a very troubling trend, from what the researchers are suggesting, the police just find it harder to make arrests and make them stick for any point of time, like more than a few months. Some in the court system do not see any problem with the short sentences, but police find it hard to have it even seem like a deterrent to the arrested. Everyone knows the first thing you plea down is a weapon charge, then you can plead to a lesser charge and be out within a year many times. Other problems are the criminal and civil charges arrested criminals charge the officers with. If you are an effective officer you will usually have a number of court cases pending. Even with no really credible charges pending, it still very hard for an officer to be promoted, and every arrest by these officers is questioned by groups that are trying to make every officer a suspect. So for promotions and to hope to get promoted, it is just better not to arrest them at all. This has to stop, the ones really getting hurt here are the innocents in the area, the ones making out here are the criminals, they know there a limited chance they will spend much if any time in jail.
from CTI Consulting

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