Saturday, April 1, 2017

Rewards for Justice - Wanted

This is the face of terror, a 32 year old from Saudi Arabia, makes some bombs he makes are pretty had to detect. TSA had planned to have their networks linked together so that a suspect device x-ray can be shown can be shown to all the other TSA x-ray operators. So far I do not think it has happen, still most of these should be detectable by screeners. The FBI is saying that in their tests, they got some devices thru, so has the TSA's own Red Teams. But still can you have a terrorist planning an attack with a almost 50 50 chance of getting caught at the airport screening lane, not a valid terrorist plan. But if you are in a country that does not screen the airport employee's well, and they may carry a bomb past screening, then you have an attack plan that AQ will agree too. The last two bombs used at airports are believed to have been smuggled past security. Hence why the airports named have been listed as possible problems.
from CTI Consulting

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