Monday, April 3, 2017

St Petersburg metro explosions kill at least 12 in Russia | Daily Mail Online

Facts are still coming in, but it seems to be centering around the man on the left carrying a brief case with a simple bomb with nails taped around it with a simple timing device. At the ESI class next week on Bombs we will be discussing this bomb as well as the preliminary reports of a second bomb hidden or disguised as a fire extinguisher. We also will be using the pictures of the post blast to develop how effective the device or devices are. It is believed that the Russians will release video of the suspect as he approaches the train. Most briefcase bombs are around 20 lbs, so it will be interesting to see how he walks with the bomb in the case. The brothers that carried the backpack bombs into place were surprisingly unaffected by the bombs they were carrying. Fire extinguisher bombs are not new to the USA, we have had a number brought in over the Canadian border in years past, during the ESI class we will discus the different ways we can detect them and mitigate the damage they can do.
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