Thursday, April 6, 2017

Syria conflict: 'Chemical attack' in Idlib kills 58 - BBC News

I am not sure we will ever get the real story on many of these attacks. Sarin is what preliminary reports are saying, but they are quick to say a sarin type chemical is suspected. Sarin is very dangerous and if made to what is called military grade level, would have killed just about anyone touched by the stuff. But like the Japan attacks this has proven to be not as effective as a military grade. If as some suspect this came from chemical weapons smuggled out of Iraq during the days before the war with the west, it should have been more effective. Iraq had chemical plants built by German companies, explained as pesticide plants for agriculture, use. The fact they had two plants with vats the size of football fields, which if used for pesticides would have covered the market for the world 10 times over, is a bit problematic, and when questioned by the Germans as they built them. Saddam apparently said we will finish off the Jewish problem you Germans could not carry out. Still these would have been pretty potent chemical weapons. Not what we are being told we are seeing now. Plus these weapons came in with high explosives according to the reports, which tends to vaporize chemical weapons due to the heat, but still it could have happen this way, Another issue is that during times of the Syrian conflict in the beginning Syria had their stockpiles all over the place, it was only after words that the Syrians brought them all to one place, or at least that is what they said, and we among other nations collected, itemized them and then destroyed or took them. But in the beginning it was rumored that the Rebels had raided some of the stock piles for their own use if the Government used them. It was also rumored and it looks like it is true to some extent that Syria never turned all them in. But lets go with the Syrian Rebel rumor, if they had hidden stock piles of the chemical weapons, and a bombing raid by the Syrian Government or Russians happen to hit near the stock pile, then the leaking cylinders may have caused the belated slow release of the chemicals. No facts here as of yet, but it does fit what we know about the attack so far. Stay tuned for more "facts" or probably more rumor.
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