Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Myth of the Gun in Executive Protection

It is the hope that everyone in the Executive Protection arena read this. I have made statements like this in the past, and met with a lot of push back from the community. Weapons do have a place in EP work, but you need to understand advance work, instinctively look at situations, with evacuation routes, cover positions, and options for changing routes, event venues, and even cancel events at times. Concentrate on learning how to read people and situations constantly, never stop learning these critical tool's. Constantly learn about both old and new attack modes, learn how bombs are used in attacks, snipers are used in attacks. Motorcade placement at pickups and drop off are critical since it has always been a favored attack point. Having secondary options for vehicles, points for pickup and drop offs, even routes are a must. Never forget that holding rooms are great places to hold in place till events and situations are clarified. In many states licensing for Executive Protection Agents, are weapons based only and most if not all ever require any knowledge of actual Executive Protection skills. This is once again this movie view of Executive Protection.
from CTI Consulting

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