Thursday, April 6, 2017


Not this is all pretty tame stuff and some of it is not all that accurate. But the really sensitive stuff is not in a fluff piece like this one. I know a few of the authors, at first you could not really talk to them, but now days so many books have been written, you can deal with them again. The Presidential and the VP details are the top of the US Secret Service and for the most part the teams either pick or get a version of go no go on new members. They have a pretty good skill set to get there, but team work is the only way it gets done, so getting people that work well together is more important than their skill level of martial arts, or how much weight they can lift. Their training is a key part of the success, and once again team work is critical. As a Security Specialist back then bombs, physical security and counter espionage was my task, and you would flip between your main tasks, to bomb searches all the time. Our bomb training was a constant thing, we went to Navy EOD schools, FBI classes, and or CIA classes at least once a year. Counter Espionage classes for the few of us in that area was also fairly constant, but certain of us also went to the NSA counter espionage courses which where really more how countries gather intelligence and what other countries are doing and what they are looking for. I was in before the wall came down, so 90% of my work was counter Soviet, even when in China it was Soviet devices we looked for back then. That has all changed now. Back then both US and Soviet espionage and counter espionage teams knew each other well enough that we could tell a lot of the time when a team was around just by the suite cases they carried, and usually by the sound different suite cases make being opened up.
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