Thursday, April 27, 2017

US intelligence agencies fear rogue insiders as much as spies these days

Insiders have always been a problem, it is just more defined now days. Almost all effective spies have achieved insider status to conduct their operations, but they tended to keep it away from the public at large, and they are still there, working inside our government still every day. But damaging by public disclosure is what we are dealing with here. This is partly a product of our new big data problem, if you look at the 50 tera bytes of data the one NSA contractor just took with him, you get an idea of the problem. I am old school, and admit it, stealing 50 terabytes of data back when I was in Government would have been more data than we had at the time. It would have taken more than a few truck loads to even get a percentage of the data stolen by the three named in the article. Like anything else, when there is so much of it, it is hard to convince themselves that it is all that critical, which is another problem, we classify so many things, that it has diminished the meaning of classifications. I do not see it getting better, in fact I see it getting a lot worse.
from CTI Consulting

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