Monday, May 1, 2017

Chinese 'Attacking Us From Every Direction', Says US FBI

Let's just say if the FBI is going public with this talk, you can bet they see it as a huge problem. China has made their game plan clear, they want to have a IT based product in every household and every business. The router in many homes and offices are the hub for all traffic in and out. Using many types of attack vectors China has even hit the FBI with bogus routers, many universities, even the DOD. In those they used phony Cisco routers and other compromised IT products. For businesses both large and small, as well as homes, China provides low cost products, ranging from routers to video cameras. They do so with direct sales of their products, but also by selling their products under other companies names. To be able to compete with low cost China products, many American firms are buying Chines products and renaming them, some very big names in the Security Industry are doing it. The third attack vector the Chinese are using, uses parts of other products like low cost printers, that have scanners on them. the scanners for most if not all the three in one low cost printers, have scanner assemblies made in China. Even some of the very high cost printer copiers have Chinese products inside them. But sometimes all it is, is a Chinese chip inside a product, we all see the low cost CCTV products available for business and home use, but what you do not see is the very small computer and data chips used in products. China has been making these cheap as well, and they end up in products from companies all over the world. One of the most used is a little chip that allows translations between IP V4 to and from IP V6, since China has gone 100% IP V6, it makes the majority of the translations chips found in almost all products from computers to CCTV cameras Chinese made. The last vector of the Chinese attack is sending malware that turns many products into surveillance devices for the Chinese. One estimate is over 90% of the computers used in the USA have some version of Chinese malware hidden in the code of the computer. We need to be careful, but also realize we may well be compromised already and chose how we deal with it.
from CTI Consulting

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