Thursday, May 18, 2017


The article is spot on with regards to the costs of lost productivity a device ban would bring, even a limited ban. Using a rented laptop is a non-starter for most people who are concerned with privacy and information security. There is simply no way for the user to be certain if the computer hasn't been compromised by malware. Also, the negative publicity from claims of a lost, stolen or damaged laptop after handing it to an airline will be yet another black eye to an industry already reeling from recent bad press. "My hard drive crashed after I gave it to the United rep" is not something the airline will want to hear, but the media will eat it up. We need to find solutions that minimize the risk of explosives being brought on board that still allow travelers to stay connected and productive, number one. But we could also be witnessing the end of the laptop era as lightweight tablets - which can do nearly as much without the capacity to carry a bomb - become more ubiquitous. (TH)
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