Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ejército y Policía Estatal toman control de seguridad pública en Zihuatanejo

This is becoming a frequent occurrence, Reynosa Mexico in one case had a whole detachment of Army Soldiers put on buses and taken away, stripped of their weapons and jailed. Local Police Departments have been taken into custody all over the Country. In one case near the US border a towns police have been taken away in mass four times in the last two years. Local police are easy targets for the Cartels, they can be at a dinner of a number of them when the Cartels show up and basically tell the Police we will destroy your families if you do not work for us. It is a constant in Mexico at the moment, any type of Law Enforcement are constantly threatened with violence if they do not do the will of the Cartels, local Mayors, even Judges are also threatened, then paid large sums to work for the Cartels. Once paid they know that if they rat on the Cartels they will be exposed as criminals, and the Cartels will start working on the next group. It is not as bad on the USA side of the border, but almost, they (the Cartels) are constantly making threats, and offering money, women, even drugs to law enforcement, and local elected officials. Sometimes they do not use brute force, then find vulnerabilities that humans have, and then exploit them. Drinking, Drugs, and women are the normal and constant issues that the Cartels exploit, they have working girls come over and entice police, border patrol and elected officials, once they partake, then the Cartels move in. If an elected official has a child with some drug or other problem, the Cartels will exploit them and then say they will report the child if the victim does not play for their side. In Mexico it is far worse, and constant. Slowly it is moving to the USA as the Cartels get bolder with each passing year.
from CTI Consulting

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