Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Focus turns to North Korea sleeper cells as possible culprits in ransomware cyberattack, East Asia News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

As the headline says possible culprits, but read the article, this is right out of Hollywood script writers, but it is real world. North Korea is promoting and to some extent funding, but for the most part these cells are funding themselves, cells of cyber attack squads. They used to be found in China for the most part, but now are found virtually all over the world, at the beck and call of their North Korean Government handlers. They gain money for mother NK, but also provide a terrorist type of cyber attack arm. Another part of this is they are for rent to other Governments, much like the Cuban are. If you are Russia or China and need to cause a problem for say the USA, then you use one of these NK cells to mount an attack on the Pentagon. This allows the Chinese or Russians to claim they had nothing to do with it. Of course Russia has so many cyber folks working on their own, that they always try and claim they can not control them, when in reality they have a pretty firm hand on the controls. But back to the North Korean Sleeper Cells, they are classic intelligence cells, that can cause huge problems with very little cost or effort. I do hope an expose is coming to a TV or Movie near you soon.
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