Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Forget The Backdoor, "ALL HIKVISION PRODUCTS" On Sale

Beware of using these devices, even on sale the same vulnerability is there. With that said if you take precautions they can be used. One they can not be hooked up to the internet on any system you use for virtually anything else. So if you have second network that is separated from the rest of your network, then it should work. The first time you hook it up to your normal home or business network, it will store the password to your router and can send it out, even if you take it off that network, and put it on a (safe network). Do not use the camera inside the home or business, these should only be used in areas that if someone else does see them if will not negatively effect your privacy or security. Some router's have, or if put in place, should have a fairly segmented guest network associated with the main home or small business router, it is still more vulnerable to causing you problems than a standalone router, but it can work. Remember most if not all USA Government agencies have banned the use of these cameras, even the recorders and renamed routers. It should also be mentioned that many more cameras than HIKvison have back door vulnerabilities. You should sign on to IPVM. com to at least read the broad warnings, and if you are involved with a large number of cameras, you should consider paying for a subscription that will keep you on top of the whole IP camera issues, both good and bad. If you go to their web site you can also down load for free their latest e-book on how IP cameras actually any CCTV camera system work.
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