Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hikvision Backdoor Confirmed

We can not let up on this vulnerability of the HIKVISION products, CCTV are critical to our security systems and these products not only allow for backdoor exploits of the Camera or other HIKVISION device you are using, but once in they can continue into your security systems network, and if you are running your security system on the same network as your admin or normal office work, it can allow access to virtually everything you have on the network. This is not a simple fix, in fact some are reporting when installing patches from HIKVISION, the network actually has more vulnerabilities. Added to this problem is HIKVISION is sold under other companies names as part of their product line, so this vulnerability can be found even in some products sold by American vendors. If you think this is not a critical vulnerability then understand that Homeland Security does not often issue advisories against a product, but has this time. Many USA Goverment agencies have banned an HIKVISION products from being used or even bid on their contracts or installations. This includes DOD and DOJ among many more.
from CTI Consulting

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