Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hostage Negotiations – “If they pay once, they’ll pay again” – Counter Terrorism, Bodyguards, Self-Defense & Travel Security

This is an interesting article, and has some great suggestions , but also has some areas that many in the field are not so on board with. But I learned from it, and I am sure most reading it will get some new insights from it. Kidnapping is not going away, and we all need to understand the back and forth of a kidnapping. EP teams need to understand the basics of kidnapping negotiations, if for no other reason that they do not want to get in the way of negotiations, but also in a border kidnapping like on the Texas Mexico Border, it can often end in a few hours or maximum a week, in other words before a negotiating team can be brought in and set up, it maybe all over. This series of articles here can give you a great leg up, but you may want to have a trained negotiator on speed dial. They are around and can give good pertinent advice to you over the phone if that is all time permits. Chris Voss in California is one, another resource lives in the Austin Texas area. I would read these articles, buy Chris Voss's book and find out how the latest kidnappings in the area you are in have turned out. But all this in your tool box and you will be better ready for the event should it happen. But also remember that most kidnappings follow a game plan that is like the terrorist play book, lots of surveillance, testing of security, practice runs and then the kidnapping, catching on to the bad guys before the incident is your best defense.
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