Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester Arena explosion: Latest updates - BBC News

Still looking at the soft targets, it will be interesting how he or they conducted surveillance of the site before hand. If so did they plan to go into the theater or just set it off where they did. Looking a the CCTV in the days and weeks leading up to the attack will tell us a lot. The detonation happen before the entrance to the theater and before when most security starts for this theater, so in the coming days, the question will of course center about should they move security further. Which then means the bad guys will have to plan further out, finding another soft spot, which means the higher level it is going to take will cost more money and manpower, we have to come up with a better game plan. Pre attack surveillance by teams of trained staff, makes more sense, that bonded with better intelligence is key. In my last bomb class for ESI we had non member of the team bring in a backpack with just 40 pounds of simulated explosives in it. A few did notice and called the obvious problem to the classes attention. I would suggest other Police and security use this type of training, it is very obvious once you have seen this type of action to notice a possible problem before detonation. By the way the students did not say anything before my terrorist had left the room, so we all would have probably died, or have been wounded. Remember is all situations like this moving away from the bomb or suspect items is your best move.
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