Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester bombing suspect identified: Latest on investigation - CBS News

Confirmation of the name and ideology of the attacker is key, but probably as much is the knowledge that the person appears to have planned this to the best advantage yet not having to deal with security at all. The pre planning apparently showed the bomber that this was the best way to cause the most damage. All this pre planning require the terrorist bomber or one of his cell to visit the site during and after event to pick the best place and time. That was the time we really want to catch these folks. Normally the attacker will not have any weapons on him during this pre planning stage, since he does not want to be picked up with a weapon. But remember he is looking to see what security is around and what are they doing. So if you are at an event look around for people scoping out the venue, people that probably will notice that you are aware of them and try and avoid eye and physical contact with you. Keep an eye of them, they will you, they can not help themselves, at least once every 15 seconds they are going to look at you again to see where you are. If you can get a policeman to respond, watch the activity of the possible suspect as he see's the police officer responding, he may take a number of actions, one is to run, or they will try and hide in plain sight, hoping the Police will not notice them, but watch their body leak signals that they want to get the hell out of there. If he has accomplices he will also not be able to help himself, and will look at them also, letting you and police notice the others as well. All because you kept any eye out for suspect behavior. If you want to know more about catching the bad guys by just staying aware, call CTI to talk about our next training course you can attend. 301-528-8591 will let you reach one of our staff.
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