Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mexico was second deadliest country in 2016 - CNN.com

This is no surprise to most of us on the border, to folks in war zones in far away countries, it does become a surprise. The Gaza Strip in Palestine or Israel depending on your view has a far worse reputation in the world, but Mexico has a far bigger problem than the Gaza Strip. For some reason the Mexico Problem is largely swept under the run. Many say it is because it shines a negative light on Mexican Immigrants both legal and illegal, or that it shines a bad light on our trade policies, all maybe true, but the biggest issue, is the drug trade. Now days it is front an center for many, but to the Cartels involved it has become much more. For most tracking the drug trade, it accounts for less than half the income of the Cartels these days. Human trafficking, illegal immigration are the next biggest money makers for the Cartels, followed by the theft of oil and extortion becoming more and more of the problem. All these branches are due to the expanding work force of the Cartels, and the need for up and coming Cartel members to make money. Like the Italian mobs of the 50's though 80's who had to branch out to drugs from their tried and true Union actions, and gambling along with prostitution, they had new members coming up that had to be fed, and drugs was the new money maker. Now the Mexican Cartels are reversing down the path, but still using violence to maintain control. This puts our border with Mexico as the most deadliest part of the world. If you look at the Crime maps of Mexico, the border hot spots dominate the crime picture in Mexico. More and more the Cartels are using street gangs like the MS-13 to enforce their control on the US side of the border and expanding their reach every day. New York is looking with horror at what this street gang is capable of, and the Cartels leave a lot of the US action to them and others as they continue to make Mexico as the second deadliest Country in the world.
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