Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Trump's Hiring Goals Could Increase Corruption in the U.S. Border Patrol - The Atlantic

Though the number of corrupt agents represents less than 1 percent of CBP’s 44,000 sworn officers—the largest police force in the U.S. was not mentioned in the lead to this article. If most estimates are correct even 5% of the clergy are guilty of something, as are Police Officers, DOD staff, yes even Federal agencies. So as the spokesman for the Border Patrol says, yes even 1% is a very bad number, it is pretty low. If you see some of the stresses the Cartels put on any border law enforcement officer you wonder also why it is so low. Agents and Officers are met outside their homes by Cartel enforcers that let them know they know where they live. They set up enticements like women and gifts to meet them in bars were they are drinking or eating. Yes the Border Patrol has to keep working to keep the bad agents away, and they are doing a pretty good job of it for the most part, but more agents are not the problem, it is part of the solution, the more agents, the harder to make them stray from the straight an narrow, the 5% figure will still haunt every group, but hopefully it will just be overtime extensions and taking off early.
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