Monday, May 22, 2017

VIDEO: Cartel Gunmen Hold Up Border City Currency Exchange Store

This is how easy it is to be a criminal in Reynosa the city across the river from where I live. I will say the normal Policeman on either side of the border are not armed this well. They pulled the attack off rather quickly, but it would appear that was because no one stands up to these gangs of Cartel thugs. Motive would appear to be these guys needed a little money. With all the in fighting between the Cartels, it would appear that their payments to the rank and file have been held up, and you know how it is you still got bills to pay if you are a Cartel thug. It also could just be they had a hot date that night and needed a little extra cash, this is the world of Cartel violence, you just take what you want. When these thugs are in the USA to have a more calm weekend, they also bring the same lifestyle with them. They keep this take what you want mind set at restaurants and bar's on our side of the border as well. Most establishments do not report the excesses for fear of retaliation, and least four big establishments in McAllen are either run or have Cartel members as silent (most of the time) partners. We need to report any bad behavior by these thugs as soon as we see it, or we are going to see incidents like this attack in Reynosa on our side of the border.
from CTI Consulting

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