Friday, May 12, 2017

VIDEO: Mexican Cartel Gunmen Hold Prayer Meeting Before Carnage at Texas Border

Less than 5 miles from my home in Texas, when things get to hot for them in Reynosa, they come across the border and start problems over here. When it gets to violent the people move their families to homes in the US, usually owned by family and friends to keep everything legal. Our real problem is that when you walk into a store or bar, you may be dealing with one of these stone cold killers at any moment, and if anything sets them off they start the violence. Many young adults stay away from bars and even high end restaurants at night just so they do not unwittingly run afoul of one of them. The Texas DPS wrote a vulnerability report back in 1013 stating that this type of constant fear of meeting up with a Cartel member is expanding all through Texas, and though it does not show up on the FBI crime statistics it does effect the way everyone goes about their way of life. Women and Men rarely wear jewelry when going to mall's, restaurants, and bars. It is just not worth the risk. It is rare that someone will honk their car horns at a vehicle to make them move for the fear of possibly dealing with a Cartel. Most people once they know who they are dealing with will not report the incidents to the Police for a real fear of reprisals. Mexico needs to get control of their Cartel problems, but our City Fathers on the border need to start getting a handle on the problems on the US side instead of just putting their heads in the sand and saying we do not have a problem. They could start by reading the 2013 DPS report.
from CTI Consulting

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