Thursday, June 22, 2017

729, the targets of espionage »Central Axis

Let us hope this has not come as a surprise to the Mexican people, that they have been spied on by their government. Everyone does it to some extent or another. CTI was brought in by the Government of Mexico years ago to teach Federal Police how to conduct Espionage against suspected Cartel members, but the same techniques work against their citizens as well . Software exploits like those mentioned this article, are being used by large and small governments all over the world. The Cartels in Mexico have bought some of the leading hackers in the world to help boost their cyber capabilities, as has ISIS among others. Even gangs are getting more high tech using the darkweb to advance their opportunities. If an Intel agent posing as a Police officer has a few seconds alone with your cell phone, tablet, or laptop, consider it compromised. If you log onto free internet hot spots just about anywhere in the world, I would say there is a good chance you are compromised. People need to understand that their privacy is under attack constantly, and in third world countries like Mexico it is no different.
from CTI Consulting

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