Friday, June 16, 2017

American Airlines testing new airport screening device with U.S. government | Reuters

This technology has been around for a while so it does have a proven track record, just not in the Aviation sector. I think the big reason this is being implemented now, is that the Units have downsized a lot and the weight factor has been resolved a bit. The first machines that could have done this where so big and heavy using them at screening check points would have reduced the number of lane available, and in many cases would have required a lot of additional floor supports to handle the weight. Both issues operationally made the older devices non starters. If you have ever seen a high end CAT scan unit at a hospital, they can do 3 D images and even slice up the image for better views. For all you airport designers, you need to get a good feel for the foot print and weight requirements for these devices. All in all this is a significant up grade to airport screening systems.
from CTI Consulting

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