Thursday, June 15, 2017

Charleston, SC: FBI investigating dirty bomb report at Wando Terminal

This is always a viable threat, a dirty bomb is not all that hard to get the products needed to make one. The level of damage is usually not as big as some would wish, or expect. Teams from NIST have plans for limiting the damaged caused by the various types of dirty bombs. Clean up plans have already been developed, contamination risks can be quantified very quickly. It is going to scare people, and should, but the fear itself will be overblown. Do not breath in anything in the area of device, contamination of clothes and even the dust on your skin is problematic. Taking clothes off, and scrubbing down your skin with approved materials, will go a long way to reducing your risk. Get into clean clothes, and standing by for an all clear by NIST staff, perhaps even your own trained FEMA or first responders will have the needed equipment to clear you. If it is suspected that you need to go to a hospital, do so, inhaling contaminated dust is a big concern. Another concern is that shrapnel from the bomb area, may have cut you or even be inbeded in you skin, this shrapnel may or may not be contaminated by the Nuclear material of the bomb. As always distance is your friend, so if a bomb is suspected get some distance. Looking for drift patterns of contaminated dust in the air will also help make critical movement decisions, with sheltering in place a viable option, just filter the air coming in as best you can. All in all a dirty bomb is a threat, but not the devastation many think about.
from CTI Consulting

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