Sunday, June 18, 2017

Finsbury Park: One killed, eight injured in 'potential terrorist attack' as van hits worshippers at London mosque

There is still a lot of confusion about this attack at this point, and people are waiting to get more information on the attack, to even know how to respond. If it does turn out to be a revenge attack, it is so wrong, these are most likely not the folks that would attack, they are as innocent as the victims of the ISIS attacks. But remember ISIS is not happy with many of the followers of Islam, so it is possible the attack is just another ISIS attack. We just do not know at this point, and need to wait. What we can say is people need to be aware of the risk of this type of attack, and be on the look out for one. When walking keep an eye out for places that be used to defend yourself from a ramming attack. Light posts other cars, and barrier that will deflect the vehicle. Moving sideways from the point of attack is also a good move to reduce the chance of being hit. the driver has to pick out targets and yet still keep up speed and stay in control. The knife attack is also something to look out for, and moving away from the attackers is your best chance. If you can get to a reasonably safe area, turn around and throw things at them, distracting them from attacking others. If cornered look for items like chairs and long boards and rods to keep the attacker away from you, it is going to be who has the better training as to how effective this will be, but if cornered, it maybe your only move, and could keep the attacker off you long enough for the Police to respond. If told by police to drop, do so, so they can shoot with out hitting you as well. We can win in these situations, and trying to put bollards at all points is not a viable solution, there are just to many attack points. Remember lets wait to see what the actual problem was.
from CTI Consulting

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