Friday, June 9, 2017

Insider threat training deadline here for federal contractors

All Local, State and Private Corporations, even one person shops need to be aware of the problem of insider threats. This is the biggest problem we are facing at the moment, insiders stealing, leaking or just not protecting sensitive data, like those between an FBI Director and the President. It is now a requirement for anyone contracting with the Government and has a Security Clearance of Secret or above, and it should be a requirement for all of us. There are many ways to meet this requirement to include web based training. There are even some free one's available, but the key is to take a course, it is mandatory since the beginning of the month if you are Federal Government Contractor, and should be for all of us. Insider threats are not just a cyber security problem, but one for all of us in all sectors of security.
from CTI Consulting

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