Friday, June 9, 2017


There are a few takeaways here, one is that the tracker and bug did not result in charges. In many cases the local police or other law enforcement are really not up to speed on Espionage laws even simple wire tapping laws. Still calling them in or calling the victims lawyer in to see the device prior to them being moved, will at least give you a chain of evidence to work with if charges can be put in place. In many cases in domestic situations the facts of espionage is best used to control the settlement of assets as well as custody of children pets. This all of course is controlled in a big part by the locations and laws of the area you are in. It also depends on the time and data of the incident, wire tapping and bugging laws are at long last getting new face lifts, now even cctv is coming under privacy issues.
from CTI Consulting

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