Monday, June 19, 2017

Mexican Govt. Allegedly Used Spyware Against Journalists, Activists & A Child

This is not new to a lot of us, and be aware that the Cartels have perhaps and even better capability of cyber attacks on all three. But this attack on Journalists should not be taken lightly. By the way the Cartel folks have also launched attacks on both Mexican and USA camera systems, and it is rumored that they have total access to most if not all our border patrols cameras at the border crossings as well as many of the systems that local law enforcement use along the border to include McAllen, Mission, Donna among others. The first of the Cartel Technicians that advanced this type of cyber attacks is now believed to be in the witness protection program, but used to live in McAllen, Tx and had a business there as well, he was hired at times to work on local police radio systems to include their mobile data systems. This gave him access to many if not all the data as well as cctv along the border. The Mexican Govt can have access to many of the very sophisticated monitoring systems used by our and other governments around the world. The problem is that these systems often end up in the hands of the Cartels for their use. This is true of software attacks as well.
from CTI Consulting

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