Friday, June 23, 2017

When you talk about soft Targets, the attack this week at the Flint Airport certainly fits the bill. The airport Police consist of 1 Lt, who was the victim, and 6 other Part time officers. There is also a Director of Safety and security. The attacker came into the airport at the ground level, went up the escalator to the second floor. There he spent a bit of time in the restaurant with in view of the lobby, and then at some point he went into the rest room, near the top of the escalator. He dropped the two bags he was carrying and left the rest room with only the knife in his hand. He quickly came up from behind the Police Lt. standing at the top of the escalator, only a few feet from the restroom. He stabbed the Lt. in the back and then the neck yelling as he was striking the Lt. The Lt, turned and confronted the attacker and with the help of nearby people restrained him till they could hand cuff him. There is a scenario you can play out at your airport or other location. It is too soon to know if the attacker gave off any tells as he wandered the 1st and 2nd floor of the terminal. But he stayed away from TSA security and in an area he could move freely. Security Awareness is always important but the Lt's response is apparently what saved him. But look around you now at this moment are you aware of areas you can be attacked from?

via CTI Consulting

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