Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Acapulco in agony

The one thing Mexico tried to protect was the tourism, they spent lots of money on security for these areas, but now even these money making areas are havens for the Cartel killers. Over one thousand eight hundred businesses had to close in and around Acapulco in the past year. Deaths make this one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Even in a world that crime is a business like any other. it seemed that the Goverment of Mexico knew that they needed to protect the tourism business from the Cartel crime business. So for this escalation to be good business the Government of Mexico must have decided the Cartel action was more profitable, and for that to be true the Cartels must be profitable to the Government or at least the people that are supposed to be running the Government. So is there any question that the Cartels are paying a lot of money to the people running the business of Government?
from CTI Consulting

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