Monday, July 10, 2017

Armed Reagan Building Security Guard Accused of Threatening to Shoot Manager | NBC4 Washington

When looking for insiders, never forget to look at security, with the economy many have not received raises and of promotions in some time, making them critical as far as threatening behaviors. Last year about this time Homeland Security had an insider problem from a mid level manager to his bosses, so no one is off the list, and we all need to be ready to look at anyone around us. Look for the key critical issues, a home life problem, divorces being a big factor, but also economic factors or even deaths in the family. Another critical factor is employment Contracts with employees or businesses can lead to people believing that their jobs are on the line, or another year of no raises in pay. A few years ago an airport in the bread basket of the USA, had a radicalized Jihadist threat, from a 58 year old recent convert to Islam, and the stress was a divorce, and then the buy out of the company he was employed with for years. Apparently in his mind his job was in jeopardy, it was not but in his mind it was. He plotted to blow up a jet bridge leading to a plane with a station wagon packed with explosives. First he needed to get his car and his access control pass upgraded to allow for him to drive onto the Airport AOA. An undercover FBI agent made the explosives for him, (inert) and arrested him as he tried to use his card into the gate for driving on to the airport. He had worked at the airport for over 15 years, so had a lot of inside knowledge. TSA screeners have had over 300 of their ranks become insider threats over the last few years. So as we say, anyone can go bad if the right stress is in place. Police and Security are seeing a lot of stress as some departments are being folded into other departments or done away with all together. Contract Security are facing the same problems, facing more tasks with less manpower and in most cases no pay raises. So look for those fellow employees that are changing in the way they deal with you and others, showing more discontent in both verbal and in their actions of the job they are doing. Divorces, custody of children, new bosses, even new work places can all cause the stress, but is how the employee deals with it that can be the cause for concern. In many cases management is to far away from the problem to notice anything, it will be his or her fellow worker that will notice the change in behavior. Mentioning the changes to management should not be a problem, most companies have processes to deal with these issues, and can do the investigation behind the scenes so no one will notice, including the employee. Or the company or agency can call for outside help.
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