Thursday, July 13, 2017

China's Spy Network in United States Includes 25,000 Intelligence Officers

China is our number one threat, and this report reveals a lot of ways that they have been attacking us for years. As the report states the attack on our OPM was huge, they now have clearance information on millions of our up and coming Government leaders. If you have ever had to fill out the forms for a security clearance, you know how in depth the processes is. Now look at the fact that China now has access to these files along with the interviews the investigators had with our friends and family and you can see them planing how to use this information to recruit our people as spies. Our best minds in the USA can pick and choose the career path they want, this in not so in China where they pick and choose their finest minds to go into the Cyber fields. We can hope there is a ground swell of Chinese looking to reform their country, but I would not bet on it. They has one of the fastest growing number of millionaires in the world, and many see communist government of elitists running the world with a trapped labor force to back them.
from CTI Consulting

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