Wednesday, July 26, 2017

DPS Releases TX Gang Assessment - KTSA Is the actual report that you can down load, probably one of the most interesting is the continued gang and Cartel organizations working together, with the Gangs taking over more and more of the enforcement action for the Cartels, leaving them out of the violence part of the trade a bit more than before. As the report states: (U) One of the most serious issues facing public safety is the relationships developed between gangs and the Mexican cartels. These relationships enhance and widen a gang’s scope of criminal activity. Home invasions, assassinations, and kidnapping are a few examples of the crimes committed by gang members on behalf of cartels. Cartel relationships increase resources and profitability, along with violence, for all criminal parties involved. As these relationships strengthen, so does the threat to public safety. This has been happening for a number of years, and some Cartels have even funded Gang member to move into areas of Texas that they feel the need for more enforcement. One Gang was actually based in California, but proved to be so effective at enforcement that they have moved member into the Texas area with some presence even down to the RGV in Cities like Mission, McAllen, Rio Grand City, and even in the Brownsville area. This also helps the Cartels avoid that charge of crossover violence, since the Gangs are US based. But in reality they are working under the control of the Local Drug Cartels, and conduct, as the report states, Home Invasions, Assassinations and Kidnapping on behalf of the Cartels. They are becoming effective as enforcers both along the Texas Mexico Border, but also through out Texas, with more and more movement into New York, California, Maryland, and as crime analysis's in the Chicago area will tell you enforce most of the drug trade in that windy city. There are still high to mid ranking Cartel Members in all these areas, but they for the most part try and stay out of the day to day violence of the gang enforcers. Another disturbing trend is the handling of Human Trafficking by the Gangs. everything from moving people along the line deeper and deeper into the US, they have been active in sales of individuals to people in the USA and Foreign Countries. They will often use these people first as prostitutes in houses and businesses controlled by the gangs, then move them along into the sale of the slave trade. Taking a cut all the way along the line.
from CTI Consulting

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