Friday, July 28, 2017

Drug Cartels Could Defeat Trump’s Wall

There is technology that can detect these tunnels and there are technologies than can be laid along fence or other demarcation lines that can help detect these tunnels as they are being built or as they are being used. One technology is a fiber optic cable that can be buried at one level or multiple levels than can detect tunnels being built and being used. The bigger tunnels use rail type vehicles to move product or people, and detectable by various technologies. I gave a briefing in Israel to their IDF leaders on a number of them and then helped develop a design for ringing the entire Gaza strip with the standing wave fiber optic detection unit. The mining safety group has developed a number of very good technologies to find miners buried underground. The DHS actually has a few tunnels that they test and let vendors test their products, they are old ones found a while ago. Now a built tunnel is harder to find than a tunnel being dug, but even a built tunnel that is being used can be detected. One way is the vibration sensor system one of which is the FFT company that has at least two competitors, one even FFT says has the capability to be a giant leap forward in this technology. Another firm uses the Electrical read of the ground and then looks for any variations to determine if there is movement or tunneling. It was designed for mining, but works better at detecting tunnels being dug, or used by larger metal rail trolleys moving under ground, way under ground. Mine tunnels are often 4 or 5 times as deep as a these drug tunnels, so the technology is readily converted to be used to find smuggler tunnels. An Israel company bought a Canadian vibration sensor company a while ago, they have been advancing along the tunnel detection capability, I am not sure where they are at this time. But I am sure Israel can develop a FFT standing wave fiber optical cable sensor as well. So I doubt that the tunnel issue will be a long term problem, if it even is today. Just think of how the Home Land Security and DARPA folks are sitting there waiting to pounce on these tunnels as they are being developed. If you let them spend the time and money to build them and then US Agents come in and stop them is kind of fun I would think. I have a power point I used to present the state of the art in tunnel detection to the Leaders of the Israel IDF (Israeli Defense Forces.) I wonder how behind the technology curve it is now days.
from CTI Consulting

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