Friday, July 21, 2017

Empresarios de Quintana Roo crean grupo de autodefensas contra corrupción

This is a dangerous move these Businessmen are taking, but it is born out of the corruption that is so prevalent in Mexico these days. Giving information to the Federal, State, and Local Mexican Government Officials on the Cartels has proven to be next to useless. But the use of professional mercenaries which it is rumored these self defense groups have available is also a dangerous move. The mercenaries are often once identified turned over to the Police and arrested, much of the information comes from Cartels they are attacking. Once again rumors are flowing and at least two mercenary teams have had their weapons taken by police and then attacked by Cartel members before getting out of the country. These self defense groups should be applauded by the Citizens of Mexico, but the Mexican Government simply disarms them as quickly as possible, if ever a country needs to relax it gun control policies and laws it is Mexico. At this point only the Cartels and Police have weapons, the Cartels turnover any information they gather on Citizens with weapons to Police when they get it, having the Police take the weapons and often putting the citizens in jail as well.
from CTI Consulting

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