Friday, July 21, 2017

GAO: TSA doesn't have scientific justification to detect terrorists through most behavioral tics

This has been a problem for TSA from the start, the same can be said for the Israel method as well, The study by GAO is trying to but the TSA method in a box, that really does not fit the program. There are problems with the TSA program, but it is more in how they administer it than the clues the program is looking for. They are looking for an arrestable situation, when the best the program can give you are hints that some people need to be screened more than others. For police and security staff CTI teaches a program based more on the Marine Corps Combat Hunter Program, but still uses a lot of the TSA's clues as well. It allows for a more looking for people not acting in a predictable way, or in a unusual manner base on a moving base line of the people in the area's actions.
from CTI Consulting

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